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I love blue, purple and scarlet yarn! I have crocheted most of my life, and when I found out that there were women across the nation who were forming Prayer Shawl Ministries, I became so excited; I started one at my church. The Wednesday devotionals on this blog weave together the art of crocheting and the love of God. Plus there are quotations on leadership, patterns, book reviews, and news from other Prayer Shawl Ministries. So if God has filled you with a love for crocheting & knitting, pull out those blue, purple and scarlet yarns and those crochet hooks and knitting needles and join me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Crochet Pattern of the Week

Lion Brand® Nature's Choice Organic® Cotton
Pattern #: 90311B

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  1. I just finished one of these shawls. It was very easy to work up and took less than one of those big pound-sized skeins of yarn. I started it Friday evening and only worked on it during "spare times", so it really doesn't take much time, either. I added a border -- chain 3, sc in every other stitch going down the long sides; then a side-ways half shell thingy on the short ends -- email me for the correct terms LOL. I used a fuzzy yarn instead of the suggested cotton - simply because I've put my cotton yarn in a "safe place" (I can't find it!)
    It's a pretty shawl. I'll take it to our next Prayer Shawl meeting this Tuesday night.
    I hope you like it, too.
    Post a comment here to let us know if you liked it or not!